Weird fonts and cursor with XFree86 and Windowmaker

Tabitha McNerney tabithamc at
Mon Sep 25 09:11:50 PDT 2006

On 9/24/06, Yves de Champlain <yves at> wrote:
> Le 06-09-24 à 00:01, Tabitha McNerney a écrit :
> Has anyone else noticed how weird the fonts presentation is (e.g., slanted
> text) in the GUI of X11 based on XFree86 and Windowmaker? I also have the
> fontconfig, freetype and Xft2 ports installed. Also, the cursor is a white
> arrow that easily gets lost when the background color is white (it never
> used to be this way -- it was a black cursor before). If I knew how to
> easily take a screen snapshot in X11 with XFree86 I would do so for
> demonstration of the problem at  hand.
> Is this a problem with Windowmaker not changing to reflect changes in
> other ports? Can anyone recommend a nice window manager to use in the event
> that Windowmaker is essentially deprecated?
> I guess you don't have the windowmaker eye-candy variant set ?

I do not but thank you for alerting me to this. I will try it out.

Best wishes,


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