Aqbanking/Gnucash Missing Dependency

Marc André Selig mas at
Mon Feb 12 01:29:58 PST 2007

On 11.02.2007, at 07:30, Altoine Barker wrote:

> When I enabled +enable_ofx in gnucash it would fail because it is
> missing the following dependency; libofx. I installed libofx
> individually after the following error(s):
> configure: *** LibOFX>=0.8.0 is required for backend "aqofxconnect".
> Specify --with-backends="aqhbci aqdtaus aqgeldkarte" to build  
> aqbanking
> without that backend.

I don't see how that would happen.  The relevant stanza from the  
aqbanking Portfile is:

| variant enable_ofx conflicts enable_geldkarte {
|         depends_lib-append      port:libofx
|         configure.args-delete   --disable-libofx
|         configure.args-append   --with-backends="aqhbci aqdtaus  
aqofxconnect aqnone" \
|                                  --enable-libofx
|  }

Which adds a dependency on libofx and changes the configure flags to  
include aqofxconnect and libofx support.

I had the same problem as others with mkcatalog and openjade, which  
is why OFX support is still not enabled by default in GnuCash and  
supporting ports.  I have not tried replacing openjade with opensp in  


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