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Elias Pipping pipping at
Thu Feb 22 08:58:10 PST 2007

On Feb 22, 2007, at 5:21 PM, mel wrote:

> I'm still not very clear regarding the destroot stuff when writing  
> those. Guess I should
> use destroot instead of post-destroot?

pre-destroot and post-destroot are for actions that happen before or  
after the destroot phase

using destroot is for replacing the common destroot phase. so in case  
there's no such thing as a makefile with a target install you'd have  
to replace the destroot phase but usually you won't want that.

you can modify the destroot phase, though, while keeping it mostly  
the way it is through

  * destroot.args
  * destroot.cmd
  * destroot.destdir
  * destroot.dir
  * destroot.env
  * some more

also you might want to modify the makefile somehow. e.g. through

  * reinplace "s|foo|bar|g" /path/to/file (to replace foo with bar in  
file) (works with $name etc., too)
  * patchfiles

>  I didn't even know there's  -t option...

the -t option is for...

  * making sure the destroot phase "stays in the destroot  
directory" (this case)
  * tracing dependencies

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