Universal Binaries

Greg Shenaut gkshenaut at ucdavis.edu
Fri Feb 23 14:40:47 PST 2007

What I do for our locally-written utilities is to use a jimmied cc/ 
gcc that produces universal binaries by default. It didn't take long  
at all to get all of them to build that way, so they are now all  
available as universal binaries in our mixed ppc/intel lab. (This  
process was helped by the fact that a few years ago, I ported most of  
them from Intel FreeBSD to PPC OSX, so the byte order problem had  
already been dealt with.) The libraries get built as universal too,  
btw, so that hasn't been a problem either.

Perhaps something along those lines, but more extensive, would help  
push along the conversion to universal.

Greg Shenaut

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