Can't install pdftk +with_gcc34

Yves de Champlain yves at
Sat Feb 24 08:16:26 PST 2007

Le 07-02-24 à 02:39, Ryan Schmidt a écrit :

> On Feb 22, 2007, at 15:40, Yves de Champlain wrote:
>> Well I justed added a with_gcj34 variant that should do the trick.
> Thank you, that works.
>> However, the gcj34 port is sort of deprecated and should be  
>> replaced by gcc34 or, even better, gcc41.  Revision 2 of pdftk was  
>> a switch from gcj34 to gcc34 which explains why it used to work  
>> with gcj.
> Well the gcj34 portfile makes no mention that it is deprecated. And  
> I'm pretty sure I didn't install it deliberately since I don't even  
> know what gcj is; some other port I was interested in (maybe pdftk)  
> decided to install gcj34 for me. If it's deprecated, then let's  
> find all the ports that require it, fix them to use something else  
> (gcc34 you say?) and then delete the gcj34 port.

That is the "sort of" part.  While it was really useful for a while,  
it is not a good idea to have a gcj only version because some apps  
might want to link gcj code with c++ code and using the same compiler  
is definitely a logical choice.  I also noticed that gcc34 has been  
updated to a more recent version than gcj.

However, some ports may still need a specific version of gcj and may  
not be updated to use another compiler until they are themselves  
updated.  pdftk 1.12 was one of them.

> I guess pdftk can't just use the compiler Apple provides with Xcode  
> because it doesn't include a gcj?



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