Apple's X11 Update?

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Sat Feb 24 22:48:55 PST 2007

On 2/23/07, Ryan Schmidt <subversion-2007a at> wrote:
> On Feb 20, 2007, at 06:41, Tabitha McNerney wrote:
> > I was on a leave of absence for a few months and when I came back I
> > noticed that, in Software Update on our Mac at our office which has
> > Darwin (and now Mac) Ports installed suggested that there is a new
> > X11 update from Apple that among other things fixes fonts. I have
> > the previous X11 User and SDK packages installed on our machines
> > but have instead used XFree86 via Darwin (and now MacPorts) just fine.
> >
> > Is there any reason to install Apple's update? Is it recommended by
> > the MacPorts community?
> I don't know what the rest of the community says, but I say it's a
> good idea to install all updates Apple suggests.
> > Possibly related (though maybe not), while I was gone, someone in
> > our office upgraded the same Mac to 10.4.8 (but they did not
> > install the new X11 package as suggested by Software Update). I
> > have now noticed that after launching XDarwin ( e.g. "startx")
> > successfully, if I try to next run OpenOffice 2 I am now unable to
> > and I am seeing this error:
> >
> > ----------------------------
> >
> > $ ./soffice
> > dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/libicuuc.dylib.26
> >     Referenced from: /Volumes/ports/Applications/
> >
> >     Reason: image not found
> > soffice: line 233: 21134 Trace/BPT trap       "$sd_prog/
> > $sd_binary"  "$@"
> >
> > ----------------------------
> >
> > I don't recall having this error before I left for my leave of
> > absence and I'm wondering if it is at all related to a 10.4.8
> > update and possibly requires the new Apple X11 update even though
> > I'm using XFree86?
> A quick search shows that libicuuc seems to be part of icu, the
> International Components for Unicode. If you had the icu port
> installed, and made use of it, and you had recently
> upgraded the icu port, then this could account for the problem, and
> the solution would be to rebuild the port. However, I
> cannot find any such port. Did you install via
> MacPorts (if so, what's the port called?) or did you install it by
> downloading a binary from If the latter, I would
> have expected it to be completely self-contained so that breakage
> such as you're seeing would not be possible. However, it couldn't
> hurt to just try to reinstall anyway (by whatever
> method you usually use) and see if that fixes it.

Ryan, thank you for your reply and suggestions. Apologies that I had not yet
followed up to this message I originally authored. In the days since I
authored it, I did not upgrade Apple's X11 however I did install a new
version of OpenOffice (2.1) which became available as a binary from one of
the main mirrors (not as a MacPort). In doing so, the
problem went away. I have still not yet updated to Apple's X11 but I am
going to consider doing so early next week. I'm quite concerned if Apple's
X11 might in some way interfere with XFree86 because I recall (without
looking at the moment at my detailed notes) the set up and configuration of
XFree86 via MacPorts was relatively delicate.

Best regards,

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