Octave on Intel Mac

David MacMahon davidm at astro.berkeley.edu
Mon Feb 26 09:42:29 PST 2007

On Feb 25, 2007, at 20:29 , M. White wrote:
> You also might see where gcc is pointing to (it is normally a  
> symbolic link).

For darwin_8_i386 platforms, the gcc, g++ and gfortran used are  
explicitly the "*-dp-4.2" MacPorts versions.

I also ran into a problem with /usr/local stuff confusing the octave  
port.  I had previously installed octave from hpc.sourceforge.net  
(and other third-party builds of gnuplot and AquaTerm).  Completely  
removing those things allowed the MacPorts versions to build (once  
the octave port was fixed to remove the gcc40 dependency for the  
darwin_8_i386 platform).


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