emacs install breaking

Rob MacLeod macleod at cvrti.utah.edu
Mon Feb 26 21:29:42 PST 2007


I am trying to get emacs working from MacPorts and my first try would  
not launch its own X-window but ran in the xterm where I launched  
it.  It also reported a warning that the directory


was missing, which it was when I went looking.  I am not sure what  
this directory does or whether its absence explains why emacs was lamed.

I am now trying to do a fresh install of emacs but running into  
problems.  I keep getting this error during installation:

--->  Activating emacs 21.4a_1+darwin_8
Error: Target com.apple.activate returned: File exists
Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.

I have tried uninstalling emacs using

	sudo port uninstall emacs
and then

	sudo port clean --all emacs

and still I get this same error.

Does anyone have any guesses about what might be going wrong.

As background, I have used fink since the beginning of OSX time, used  
emacs on Unix for many more years before that.  I am trying to move  
from Fink to Macports but so far, the experience is mixed.  I left  
Fink because it was falling behind on new versions.  I hope MacPorts  
will work for me...



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