d-bus and general gfortran question

M. White mwhite15 at woh.rr.com
Wed Feb 28 14:07:54 PST 2007


I am trying to install gimp and noticed that in the D-Bus 1.0.2 build  
that it is "building unit tests" and then gives a warning:

NOTE: building with unit tests increases the size of the installed  
library and renders it insecure.
NOTE: building with unit tests but without assertions means tests may  
not properly report failures (this configuration is only useful when  
doing something like profiling the tests)
Warning: Target configure has an undeclared dependency on pkgconfig

Now, this is a bit worrysome.  Anyone know what the "unit tests" does  
in D-Bus?

Also, with a number of the ports (libxml2, dbus, glib2, ...), when it  
is going through the configuration, it looks for a fortran compiler  
and cannot find one.  I have both g77 (v. 3.4.4) and gfortran  
(version 4.2.0) in /usr/local/bin, as well as gfortran-dp-4.0 in /opt/ 
local/bin (note: I am running on a G4 mac not an intel mac).  I can  
make a link of gfortran in /opt/local/bin, or I suppose in /usr/bin,  
but am not exactly sure where it should point.  I know certain ports  
require the gfortran-dp-4.0 and that it has something to do with  
talking to libraries created with gcc [at least I think this is the  
reason].  D-Bus' configure has the statement: appending configuration  
tag "F77" to libtool, and I am not exactly sure what that means either.

Does anyone have any insight or recommendations about what to do  
regarding the fortran compiler and what it means that the installed d- 
bus libraries are "insecure"?


   - M.

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