Why XFree86 being installed ?

Randall Wood rhwood at mac.com
Sun Jun 3 04:55:44 PDT 2007

Your message says it all.

You will need to install the X11 package from Apple. If you are using  
Mac OS X 10.4 it is on your installation disk or available at http:// 

On 3 Jun 2007, at 06:50, Mark Hattam wrote:

> Error:
>                     You have an Apple X11SDK installation already.
>                         MacPorts will not overwrite it.
>                     If you wish to use Apple X11,
>                         install it from your MacOSX install disc.
>                     If you really want to use XFree86 instead,
>                         please move it aside first :
>                             sudo mv /usr/X11R6 /usr/X11R6.apple

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