Why XFree86 being installed ?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sun Jun 3 21:12:13 PDT 2007

On Jun 2, 2007, at 20:11, Mark Hattam wrote:

> Just did a selfupdate and an upgrade of outdated ports ... as  
> php5.2.3 came along ... the Powerbook has now been spent the past 2  
> hours building XFree86 ... why??? And at the rate of it eating disk  
> space, I fear it's going to fail before it finishes.
> I obviously didn't need XFree86 with the outgoing versions of  
> expat, freetype, pcre and php5 ... so why is it now a prerequisite?
> The following is the Terminal output which has all been produced  
> without intervention since the sudo port upgrade outdated instruction.

Short answer: "sudo port sync" and then "sudo port upgrade php5". X11  
is no longer required by php5, as of today. You caught the update at  
a bad time; php5 only required X11 for a period of about 28 hours.

Long answer: php5 has always been built with support for gd2, and the  
php distribution has always included a copy of gd2. When my  
comaintainer Jyrki updated php5 to 5.2.3 in r25792 on 2007-06-02  
05:17:19 -0500, a dependency on the gd2 port was added, because php  
would not build correctly with its built-in gd2 for some reason. The  
gd2 port requires an X11 installation, and as the message said, your  
Apple X11 installation was incomplete as far as MacPorts was  
concerned. So it tried to install XFree86, but that conflicted with  
the parts of Apple X11 that you already had installed. To fix that,  
you could either install all of Apple X11 (you need both X11SDK.pkg  
from the Xcode installer disk image, which is installed by default  
when you install Xcode, and X11User.pkg from your Mac OS X DVD, which  
is not installed by default when you install Mac OS X) or remove all  
of Apple X11 and install XFree86. I recommend using Apple X11, if you  
need it. But you don't, not for php5, because as of r25841 of  
2007-06-03 09:18:20 -0500 php5 no longer depends on the gd2 port -- a  
solution was found to let php5 use its built-in gd2 again -- so you  
can just "sudo port sync" and then "sudo port upgrade php5" as usual  
and MacPorts will no longer attempt to install any X11.

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