do I need avahi to be running?

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Thu Jun 7 01:45:38 PDT 2007

On 6 Jun 2007, at 23:05, paul beard wrote:

> the avahi daemon isn't working properly anyway: launchctl shuts it  
> down within a minute or so of boot.
> Jun  6 19:12:24 white launchd: org.freedesktop.avahi-dnsconfd:  
> respawning too quickly! throttling
> Jun  6 19:12:24 white launchd: org.freedesktop.avahi-dnsconfd: 1  
> more failure without living at least 60 seconds will cause job removal
> Jun  6 19:12:24 white launchd: org.freedesktop.avahi-dnsconfd: will  
> restart in 10 seconds
> Jun  6 19:12:26 white launchd: org.freedesktop.avahi-daemon: exited  
> with exit code: 255
> Don't I already have an mdns responder running in the base OS (he  
> asked rhetorically)?
> But for this:
> --->  Unable to uninstall avahi 0.6.16_1, the following ports  
> depend on it:
> --->    evince
> --->    vino
> --->    seahorse
> --->    evince
> --->    vino
> I would take it out. Can a placeholder like what we do for XFree86  
> be used here?


Avahi is a zeroconf client library as well as a zeroconf server. The  
ports that depend on it all need the avahi client library to be able  
to use zeroconf. Apple's zeroconf client API is different than the  
Avahi zeroconf client API. This is unlike XFree86, where ports are  
requiring a single API that is made available through multiple means  
(Apple's X11 or XFree86's X11).

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