Postgres launchd script suggestions

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Jun 9 14:21:03 PDT 2007

On Jun 9, 2007, at 08:42, Jyrki Wahlstedt wrote:

>> Some comments on the two issues I am addresing with my changes.
>> First, the postgres user account. The Macs I am running Postgres
>> on are also used interactively. The Login screen is set to list
>> mode. Unlike other unix accounts created for use by daemons, the
>> postgres account shows up in this list, which adds confusion to
>> other users accessing this machine. This behaviour can be sup-
>> pressed by setting the shell variable in the NetInfo database
>> to /usr/bin/false as shown with many Apple supplied software.
> The user account is something that needs some work. I agree that  
> the user created here shouldn't be visible in different lists.  
> However, I may be wrong, but I have thought that user visibility is  
> governed by user ID that for most daemon users is less than 100  
> that is the horizon in this case. The id area below 100 is however  
> Apple's area, so we can't create any id there.

Actually, JKH says user IDs below 500 are reserved by Apple: 

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