Anyone interrested in maintaining GNUstep in MacPorts ?

Yves de Champlain yves at
Sun Jun 17 05:51:46 PDT 2007

Le 07-06-17 à 02:33, Jean-Philippe Humbert a écrit :

> Hi Yves,
> I´d like to try but I have no idea what it means to accept this.  
> Can you describe what must be done?

1- It's a good idea to be a GNUstep user (it does not have to be a  
2- You have be familiar with MacPorts Portfiles
3- You have to be familiar with the GNUstep build process.

Now, this is not a requirement, it's the kind of stuff you learn on  
the way.

Most of the hard work is already done.  You will mostly have to watch  
for updates and you may also be tempted to add new ports once in a  
while since most of the ports don't get any update ;-)

The GNUstep developers are all very nice and helpful and I can help  
too, of course.


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