Fwd: Problem installing php5

Simon Ruderich simon at ruderich.com
Tue Jun 19 13:29:23 PDT 2007

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N_Ox wrote:
> Hi,
> I think you are calling the OS X apachectl instead of the MacPorts' 
> one. Try `which apachectl` to check that.

Thanks for your response, but I don't think this is the problem. The
launchctl from macports is in my path and is called.

> MacPorts apache bin path is /opt/local/apache/bin, you should add 
> that to your PATH.

Another problem is that I don't have such a path. apachectl was
installed in /opt/local/sbin and this directory is in my PATH.

> On a side note, you should use launchctl apache service instead of
> calling apachectl: sudo launchctl load -w 
> /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.macports.apache.plist
> For more information, `man launchctl`.

Thanks for this info, I will use it when I will use this apache
regularly but while I'm testing it's easier for me to use apachectl
because I can switch very fast between my installed versions.

But I think I found the real source of the problem. After some testing I
noticed the compiled libphp5.so module works with the preinstalled
apache from Apple. So I think the problem is, that the apxs of Apple in
/usr/sbin is used.

Now after looking into the Portfile I know why. It says the +apache
variant uses the local Apple apache. Stupid of me not to have looked
there before.
But I think we should add a new variant, maybe +macport_apache or so,
which uses a local installation of apache.

Thanks for your help,
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