Launchd not starting lighttpd - startupitem.requires

markd at markd at
Wed Jun 20 23:33:16 PDT 2007

Sterling Anderson <sterling_anderson at> on Wednesday, June 20, 2007
at 8:38 PM -0800 wrote:
>Nothing in the console at all. I am stumped. No error messages at  
>all. The wrapper has the correct syntax. Manually loading and  
>unloading the launchd file works properly. I just don't get why it's  
>not working on boot.

Ah, then it must be a timinig issue.  I just found an feature that isn't
documented in the manpage: startupitem.requires.  Theoretically that could
be used to delay execution until some other functions are started.  See
the radmind portfile for an example.  However, 10.3 also had that keyword
for the systemstarter, but I never had any luck with that.  I ended up
using a start script with a sleep command in it.  See the Snort port.  But
I didn't know about startupitem.requires on 10.4 so I didn't try that.  I
will sometime.  Try editing the portfile and using startup.requires as the
radmind port does and let us know if it works.


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