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On 6/25/07, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> You mean, you don't see instructions advising you to run
> mysql_install_db? Those instructions are also only printed if you use
> the +server variant. If you do not use the +server variant of mysql5,
> it is assumed that you merely want to use mysql to connect to a mysql
> server already running on a different computer. If you want to run a
> mysql server on this computer, you want +server.
> The option to start the mysql server without its privilege system is
> --skip-grant-tables but I don't think there's any reason why you
> would need to use that.
Yes, this becomes clear later. I think I recall a thread some time back
about the usefulness of a MySQL port without the server variant (seems to me
if it comes with more than the client and admin tools, a server and it's
assorted oddments should be assumed).
So I reinstalled with +server, got the message to install the db.

Do you not see how this could be something other than clear? It seems to me
the ports team could just leap ahead and create a bundle that installs all
the components for a working php/mysql/apache2 system. That would make more
sense than installing three separate ports with their attendant variants.

And I only did this to see if I could repro the issue I was having with php5
and gd. Apparently not, but this is a different machine.

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