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On 6/25/07, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> a) you currently need to specify a variant to mysql5 to get it
> installed as a server; as I've said, I'd also like that to change;
> b) a port cannot depend on a specific variant of another port; it can
> only depend on the existence of the other port. This is issue #126
> which was, regrettably, filed 5 years ago:
> c) even if it were possible to depend on a specific variant, as I
> explained in the scenario above, it would not be proper for php5
> +mysql5 to depend on the +server variant of mysql5.
> > This is probably a topic for the dev list: perhaps jberry@ can take
> > it over there and see what anyone thinks of it.
> There's no request here that needs to be handled by -dev -- no
> improvement to base necessary. If your request is for a meta-port
> that installs php5 and mysql5 and apache2, then the php5 port already
> does that for you. If your request is that mysql5 should be a server
> by default, then I agree, and let's wait for James to have a chance
> to respond to that.
> a. I think mysql5-server and mysql5-client are two different animals and
could be specified that way: I would be surprised of most people who install
mysql5 didn't want the server components.
b. if ports are depending on variants of ports, that argues for the
promotion of that variant to be a full-fledged port.

c. see my reply to a.

I was asked to open a ticket on the meta port idea, and I have done that,
labelling it as an RFE. I think the GNOME precedent makes it clear this is
workable and useful. as to the mysql server/client stuff, I think the
current way creates more problems than it could ever solve but this isn't a
democracy. Is it?

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