[MySQL] Is it possible to re-install clean without having to remove php ?

Jyrki Wahlstedt jwa at macports.org
Mon Jun 25 23:57:11 PDT 2007

On 26.6.2007, at 9.45, Bill Hernandez wrote:

> Thanks to all those that offered suggestions and feedback on the  
> MySQL problem I am having.
> I tried to remove MySQL in order to start over, in order to follow  
> the instructions and the advice more closely, but MacPorts didn't  
> like that idea very well unless I removed PHP, which rightfully so  
> depends on MySQL.
> It appears that my install is messed up beyond repair, and would  
> like to start over with MySQL, just remove it and re-install it...
> Is it possible to force it, or am I just looking for more trouble  
> unless I remove PHP first ?
> Best regards,
> Bill Hernandez
> Plano, Texas
> _______________________________________________

if you mean MySQL installed using MacPorts, you can force uninstall  
using '-f' flag. If and when you reinstall MySQL, everything is in  
place and should run.

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