[MySQL] Install difficulties : Can't connect to local MySQL server through

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Tue Jun 26 05:02:55 PDT 2007

On Jun 25, 2007, at 22:05, markd at macports.org wrote:

> However, I do think that having a +server variant is pointless and  
> adds
> needless hassle, and probably the result of a paranoid standpoint on
> security.  As soon as 1.5 comes out the startupitem is disabled by  
> default
> (as my instructions assume, and as it was supposed to be from the  
> start),
> and I really think enough grief and confusion has been encountered  
> over
> this that it really should be terminated with extreme prejudice.  I  
> think
> those arguing for keeping the server variant should list the  
> reasons and
> let us debate them point-by-point.  And I'm going to frown on "because
> someone will commit a mysql5-server port any time now anyway"  
> because that
> one's a bit old by now.

So James has just given up maintainership of mysql5 (see r26483),  
leaving just me, and I would like to make +server the default, and  
have a variant for turning it off for those few people who don't want  

What should the variant be called? "+no_startupitem" would be  
consistent with the ports apache2 and apache20, but it sounds weird  
to me, since on 10.4+, it wouldn't install a startup item anyway; it  
would install a launchctl plist. I like "+no_server" which would be  
consistent with the ports vnc and tightvnc. Comments?

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