mplayer revision try3

Emmanuel Hainry ehainry at
Thu Jun 28 06:58:01 PDT 2007

Dear list,

	Yesterday, port -v outdated informed me that there was a "new"
version of MPlayer available:

Mplayer	1.0rc1_4 > 1.0rc1_try3 !

Yes, _4 is the one I had, _try3, the new one. try3 is a strange name for
a revision, but it is the official branding, so... As try3 corrects a
security bug, I upgraded* and have now installed it:

The following ports are currently installed:
  MPlayer @1.0rc1_4+binary_codecs+caca+darwin_8+darwin_powerpc+freetype+macosx+x11+xvid
  MPlayer @1.0rc1_try3+binary_codecs+caca+darwin_8+darwin_powerpc+macosx+osd+x11+xvid (active)

But port outdated has a really strange output:

The following installed ports are outdated:
MPlayer                        1.0rc1_ < 1.0rc1_try3     

There is definitely something strange here.


PS: * the upgrade did not go perfectly, I had to change the Portfile to
revert the dependency on lzo instead of lzo2. I will put a ticket on
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