Unable to run 'ruby script/console'

Frederick C. Lee fclee at dialup4less.com
Thu Jun 28 07:48:00 PDT 2007

You have a valid point.
However, I've found via slamming a few brick walls, that there were  
some legacy libraries (PPC) that were apparently transferred from my  
PPC machine when I initially setup this MacBook Pro (intel).  Hence,  
my logic is to clear as much clutter as I can; keeping the vestigial  
files down to a minimum.

Sometimes I just create a symbolic pointer within a PATH locale to my  
desired target.


On Jun 27, 2007, at 4:14 PM, Steve Rogers wrote:

> On Jun 27, 2007, at 5:02 PM, Frederick C. Lee wrote:
>> One the hassles of installing software via MacPorts and  
>> independent sites is having duplicate applications installed.
>> I started to look for all the ruby parts and found them  
>> distributed about the HD: . . .
> That shouldnt' matter so long as your path is consistent.  I'm sure  
> I have plenty of duplicates - part of the point is to be able to  
> manage software in the /opt tree without mucking up or altering  
> things that are already there in /usr/local or wherever else they  
> might be.   If you're getting some other IRB, then /opt isn't at  
> the beginning of your PATH.
> SR

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