Installation Migration?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Jun 29 23:29:33 PDT 2007

On Jun 30, 2007, at 01:20, Samuel V. Green III wrote:

> I'm doing a clean install of MacPorts on one of my macs with  OSX  
> Once my installation is satisfactory,  can I simply copy the "opt"  
> directory to different
> system with the same OS updated as well as a clean install of  
> MacPorts?
> I want to build a new server on my powerbook and move it to a  
> PowerMac once
> I have it set up.  Anyone tried this?

Ports should install things exclusively in /opt/local (or your custom  
MacPorts install prefix, for those who do that) but not all do.

You could run "port contents" on each installed port (or just "port  
contents installed") and see if any line does not begin with "/opt/ 

This one-liner would show you everything your ports installed outside  
of /opt/local:

port contents installed | grep -v -E '^Port .+ contains:$' | grep -v - 
E '^ +/opt/local/'

On my system, this just shows a few plist symlinks in /Library/ 
LaunchDaemons and a couple apps in /Applications/MacPorts but see  
what you get on your system.

It's also important that both Macs have the same architecture, but of  
course a PowerBook and a Power Mac both use a PowerPC processor. If  
you wanted to migrate from a PowerPC Mac to an Intel one or vice  
versa you would either need to rebuild all ports from scratch on the  
new machine, or else make sure that every port is installed with the  
+universal variant. This is difficult to do at present, though, since  
not all ports currently support the +universal variant.

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