Bluefish v1.0.7 (stable) builds and runs without alterations

paul beard paulbeard at
Sat Jun 30 20:31:51 PDT 2007

On 6/30/07, Malcolm Fitzgerald <mfitzgerald at> wrote:
> Bluefish is at v1.0.5 in ports.
> I've just downloaded the source code for bluefish v1.0.7 (stable) from
> the bluefish site. It compiles and runs on my machine (PPC GC 600MHz,
> OS10.3.9, xcode v1.5) without any alterations.

If you were to submit a diff, I expect the port's maintainer will be happy
to see it.

bluefish 1.0.5, editors/bluefish (Variants: universal, nosplash, tidy)

Bluefish is a powerful editor for experienced web designers and programmers.
Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages but it focuses on
editing dynamic and interactive websites.

Library Dependencies: gtk2, pcre
Platforms: darwin
Maintainers: michele.garoche at

Paul Beard /
<paulbeard at at>
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