Octave on Intel Mac

David MacMahon davidm at astro.berkeley.edu
Mon Mar 5 11:08:15 PST 2007

On Mar 2, 2007, at 4:25 , Anthony Michael Agelastos wrote:
> Sometime back, I had /usr/local populated with stuff from  
> hpc.sf.net, but have since removed it.

Just to make sure that it's totally gone, you could (temporarily)  
rename /usr/local to /usr/local.tmp.

If that still doesn't work, the next thing to try is to find out  
which object file or library listed in the long failing link command  
contains the offending symbol.  Something like...

for f in *.o; do nm $f | grep -q __Z7fnmatchPKcS0_i && echo $f; done

...for all the object file directories.  Doing the libraries will be  
a little trickier, since you'll have to search the -L directories for  
them.  Once you find the object or library containing the offending  
symbol, it will make it easier to diagnose further.


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