port upgrade strangeness

Patrick Burleson pburleson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 14:06:13 PST 2007


See my "thanks" inline.

On 3/5/07, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org> wrote:
> Patrick,
> Please see my answers inline.
> > silentbob:~ pburleson$ sudo port upgrade lighttpd
> > silentbob:~ pburleson$ sudo port upgrade fcgi
> Since these ports were not outdated, you did not need to ask MacPorts
> to upgrade them. To discover which ports are outdated, you can run
> "port outdated".

Actually, I knew they weren't updated, I was just "playing" around.

> You asked for Subversion to be upgraded. Subversion was not outdated,
> so Subversion was not upgraded. But the upgrade command is recursive
> (unless you use the -n switch). The subversion port depends on neon
> (see "port deps subversion") which depends on openssl (see "port deps
> neon"), and since the last time you synced, openssl was upgraded from
> 0.9.8d to 0.9.8e which is why it is being upgraded now.

I see that now, although I swear I installed MacPorts (and
specifically openssl) less than a week ago ( last change date of the
portfile ), but I guess not. Time flies.

> Subversion also depends on apr-util. The change between apr-util
> 1.2.8_1 and 1.2.8_2 was to require the MacPorts version of sqlite3
> [1], which is why that was installed for you now.
> [1] See: http://trac.macports.org/projects/macports/changeset/22339

I see that now. Earlier today, when looking the port file, I was
staring at devel/apr and not devel/apr-util ....ugh.

> Nothing is borked or weird. The only problem is that you are using
> "port list installed", and that doesn't do what you think it does.
> Short answer: use "port installed" instead. This was just discussed
> on the list a week or two ago but I can't seem to find the thread for
> you in the archives so I'll just tell you the gist of what was
> discussed.
> If you try "port installed" you will see what ports are installed,
> and their versions, and which are active. You will see that you have
> both openssl 0.9.8d_0 and 0.9.8e_0 installed. Only 0.9.8e_0 is
> active, but 0.9.8d_0 is still there, inactive, and could be activated
> by you if you wanted (after you deactivated 0.9.8e_0). If you no
> longer need 0.9.8d_0, you can "sudo port uninstall openssl
> @0.9.8d_0". The same goes for apr-util: you have 1.2.8_1 and 1.2.8_2
> installed (and only the latter is active).
> The reason openssl 0.9.8e and apr-util 1.2.8 are showing up twice in
> "port list installed" is, as I said, because that command doesn't do
> what you think it does. The "port list" command does the following:
> for each port given as an argument, it shows the most recent version
> available. The "installed" pseudo-portname provides "port list" with
> the names of each installed port. You have two apr-util ports and two
> openssl ports installed, therefore "port list" shows you the latest
> versions of apr-util and openssl twice.
> As you can see, this is not the information you wanted to receive.
> And to see the information you wanted, you just have to run "port
> installed" instead.
> If you want MacPorts to automatically uninstall older versions of
> ports as it upgrades them, use the -u flag when upgrading. For example:
> sudo port -u upgrade apr-util

Thank you very much for clearing all that up. I think I might spend a
little more time with "man port" instead of the glance I gave "port


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