mysql5 checksum failures

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Mar 6 16:54:42 PST 2007

MySQL AB appears to have removed the 5.0.36 sources from their site.  
I can't find an explanation for why.

I resolved the ticket by downgrading the port to 5.0.33 again.

On Mar 6, 2007, at 15:19, Lorin Rivers wrote:

> There a ticket open in Trac about this:
> <>
> On 3/6/07, Lorin Rivers <lrivers at> wrote:
>> Something odd appears to be going on with the mysql port, ca.
>> mysql-5.0.36. The checksums (md5 and sha1) are reported to be
>> different in the portfile and in the distfile.
>> If I replace the values in the portfile with those reported in the
>> error message for the distfiles, I subsequently get a message about
>> the downloaded file not being in gzip format.
>> Inspecting the download sites listed in the porfile, the highest
>> version number I see is 5.0.27. There's a 5.1.16 and a 5.2.3 (in  
>> other
>> directories).
>> I'm not sure what to do to get mysql installed, though, which I would
>> like to do...
>> Thanks!

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