gdm build fails

Peter Schneider petr.snyder at
Wed Mar 7 02:53:53 PST 2007

--- Randall Wood <rhwood at> wrote:

> I have only tested building gdm with Apple's X11,
> not with the  
> server installed from fink.

So my guess wasn't that bad, :-). I am going to
rebuild everything with Apple's X11 installed as soon
as I can get one. The problem is, I got one of those
machines that still were delivered with 10.3, with an
free Tiger-update option. The update was performed by
my Dealer, but he didn't care to provide a Tiger-DVD.
Later I got to know that I was entitled to get one ...
and I also have lernt that X11 for 10.4 is just
available from that DVD. So I have to use Fink's
xorg-server right now. Xfree86 is also available via

Maybe I should try macports' xfree86-port ? The
xorg-X11-port seems to be broken? 

The Gnome-metaport seems to be happy without gdm.

Best Regards, Peter

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