GTK applications behave weird if locale is set to anything other than "C"

Peter Schneider petr.snyder at
Fri Mar 16 13:22:34 PDT 2007

Hi all,

--- Yves de Champlain <yves at> wrote:
> You will see it when launching an app from an xterm

I know. But running gnucash from a terminal doesn't
produce any GTK-locale-errors, my alphabetical order
is all right and everything is displayed in the
desired language. So GTK2 seems to support other
locales than "C". What am I doing wrong?

> the locale tool is not provided by macports.  But
> MacPorts apps will  
> fetch their localized text in
> /opt/local/share/locale

Hmmh, that's definitely not true for LC_MONETARY and
Gnucash. Gnucash obviously fetches its
currency-symbols from /usr/share/locale. So I suspect
that other GTK-apps get their locales from
/usr/share/locale, too.

I am a bit confused, because MacPorts is said to be
somehow self-reliant, e.g. libraries or apps that
might be available from MacOS X' itself (e.g. perl),
are normally ignored and rebuilt and installed in
/opt/local/...  ; It took me ages to figure out that
the missing &#8364; (EURO) is to be fixed by editing a
file in a MacOS X standard directory.

Best Regards, Peter

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