Building Gnome-Metaport

petr.snyder at petr.snyder at
Mon Mar 19 04:35:04 PDT 2007


Over the past four week I built the gnome-metaport (then still everything with version 2.16.x, no 2.18 stuff) twice. All but two of those 160+x packages built well: "gdm" and "metacity" (2 out of 160 is great, I think, congratulations!).

Just in the second run metacity suddenly didn't build without some fix in its configure-script (the configure-script was complaining about not finding a certain version of pango, which wasn't really missing ...).

Now I've got this question:

Is it possible that some of those weird dependencies problems are caused by updates on the servers which are made *while* "port install gnome" still is busy (it will be busy at least for 12-15 hs on my powerbook)?

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