freetype 2.3.1 - any problems anticipated?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Mar 19 20:16:47 PDT 2007

freetype 2.3.1 is available. [1] I think I might update to it.  
Someone has provided me with an updated portfile already. Only, there  
were massive problems, as I recall, when someone tried to update to  
freetype 2.2.1 and we had to revert to 2.1.10. Does anyone remember  
what the problems were at that time, and know whether or not we will  
have those problems now with 2.3.1?

[1] In fact, 2.3.2 is available, but it produces errors during  
configuration/compilation which 2.3.1 does not, so I am inclined to  
upgrade only to 2.3.1 for now, if at all.

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