libiconv and readline upgrade problem

Joerg van den Hoff j.van_den_hoff at
Thu Mar 22 10:10:44 PDT 2007


during an upgrade of the `ion3' window manager I got the following errors:

--->  Activating readline 5.2.001_0
Error: Activating readline 5.2.001_0 failed: Image error: /opt/local/lib/libhistory.5.0.dylib already exists and does not belong to a registered port.  Unable to activate port readline.

--->  Deactivating libiconv 1.11_0
Error: Deactivating libiconv 1.11_0 failed: Active version of libiconv is not 1.11_0 but 1.11_0+darwin_8.                     

could someone please tell me the reason and, even better,  the solution?



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