GTK2 & Cairo "Quartz" Variant

Cédric Luthi cedric.luthi at
Sat Mar 24 01:08:52 PDT 2007

On 23 mars 07, at 16:52, Frank McPherson wrote:

> I was pleased to read about the possibility of running gtk2 apps  
> without X11; one of the things that always bugs me about using the  
> Gimp is having to click on a window to give it focus, then click  
> again on a control in the window, for example the tools palette.

You can enable focus follow mouse for X11. This way, you won't have  
to click on a window to give it focus.

defaults write wm_ffm -bool true

> Has anyone managed to build gtk2 +quartz atop the new cairo 1.4.2  
> +quartz?

Yes, I fixed the problem you mentioned and I recompiled wireshark  
with gtk2 +quartz. The result is very far from being usable. You may  
have seen this warning if you installed with verbose output:
*** The Quartz backend is still under active development and
*** is included in this release only as a preview. It does not
*** fully work yet and incompatible changes may yet be made
*** to Quartz-backend specific API.

This is very true, all you get is a preview but nothing really  
usable! I uninstalled gtk2 + quartz, installed the x11 version and  
recompiled wireshark so that I can use it.

If your only concern is the focus follow mouse problem then I  
strongly advise to use the x11 preferences solution.



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