"sudo port -d selfupdate" fails to update MacPorts installation

Paulo Moura pmoura at di.ubi.pt
Mon Mar 26 15:03:04 PDT 2007

On 2007/03/26, at 22:37, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

>> I know for a fact that portfiles are update in the lat few days.  
>> I've no idea why updating is failing your help is appreciated. I'm  
>> running the latest version of MacOS X (10.4.9) on a MacBook Pro.
> There's nothing wrong here. "sudo port selfupdate" is the same  
> thing as "sudo port sync", only that it also updates your base  
> MacPorts installation if necessary. MacPorts 1.320 is the latest  
> version of MacPorts base, which you already have, so it did not  
> update it. And just like "sudo port sync", it has synchronized your  
> ports tree. Now you can say things like "port outdated" to see  
> which ports might be outdated, and use "sudo port upgrade  
> <portname>" to upgrade them.

I'm quite familiar with DarwinPorts/MacPorts and with the semantics  
of the commands above. What I find hard to believe is that no  
portfile got updated in the last four or five days. E.g. I submitted  
an updated portfile for SWI-Prolog that got committed March 20 but so  
far the command above failed to retrieve it. I suspect some problem  
upstream related to server synchronization.

Thanks anyway for your feedback. All the best,


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