ATK Build Failure

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Nov 4 20:50:15 PST 2007

On Nov 4, 2007, at 22:23, bensonk at wrote:

> I've just recently formatted my G4 powerbook and installed Leopard.  I
> had been using fink on my old install, but was not happy with it, and
> decided to switch to macports.  I'm trying to get GTK installed,  
> but the
> build is failing when it gets to ATK.  I'd really appreciate any help
> debugging this I can get.  I use gentoo on other machines I admin,  
> so I
> am familiar with the general concept of a ports tree, but haven't  
> really
> had any experience with macports before today.
> What follows is the output of my install command:
> ====================================================================== 
> ========
> bensonk at dragon ~ $ sudo port install atk
> Password:
> --->  Building atk with target all


> ld: duplicate symbol _g_bit_nth_lsf in .libs/atkcomponent.o and
> .libs/atkaction.o


That bug has been filed here:

I have added your email address to the bug's Cc list so you'll be  
informed of the bug's progress.

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