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James Berry jberry at
Mon Nov 5 08:50:35 PST 2007

Hi Quintin,

Please be aware that MacPorts' use of curl is through libcurl only. I  
don't believe libcurl reads .curlrc. Furthermore, In looking at the  
PextLib curl code, it also doesn't look to me as if any of the proxy  
environment variables are being used (I don't see the word proxy  
anywhere in that file).

You might choose to file a bug if you feel this is a bug.


On Nov 5, 2007, at 1:44 AM, Quintin wrote:

> Hey
> Okay, I see there's a extra_env option in macports.conf described as  
> "extra environment variables to keep". I added "http_proxy" there  
> too, but still nothing :( Can anyone please help?
> I really just don't get it as curl works perfectly fine by itself.  
> Even if the http_proxy environment variable isn't getting processed  
> properly, the .curlrc config should still allow it to run properly.  
> Why does macports ignore this config as well as the environment  
> variable when invoking curl?
> Thanks!
> Quintin
> On 2 Nov 2007, at 22:41 , Quintin wrote:
>> Hey
>> I'm not able to get a connection with MacPorts 1.5 running on  
>> Leopard. It loops trying to download the files from all the mirrors  
>> it knows but isn't able to make a connection. Arg, I didn't used to  
>> have this problem in 10.4.
>> I've set a http_proxy env variable as well as a "proxy =" line  
>> in .curlrc. Curl itself from the commandline works perfectly fine,  
>> however when invoked by Macports it just doesn't make the connection.
>> Can anyone help?
>> Thanks!
>> Q
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