net/yafc fails to build on Leopard

Tim Clem tim.clem at
Wed Nov 7 19:43:26 PST 2007

On 29/10/2007, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at ...> wrote:

 > You should submit a bug for this problem in Trac. Unfortunately the
 > port has no maintainer so someone will have to come up with a
 > solution for this.

I looked into it.  Some of the header files are throwing yafc into  
thinking Leopard's using the Heimdal version of Kerberos which has a  
different location for one of its headers.  This patch takes care of  
that problem (even if it is a little heavy-handed):

--- lib/gssapi.c.orig.c	2002-12-05 17:12:36.000000000 -0500
+++ lib/gssapi.c	2007-11-07 21:40:14.000000000 -0500
@@ -35,25 +35,8 @@
#include "ftp.h"
#include "base64.h"

-#if defined(HAVE_GSSAPI_H)
-# include <gssapi.h>
- /* if we have gssapi.h (not gssapi/gssapi.h) we assume we link
-  * against Heimdal, which needs krb5_err.h to define *
-  */
-# include <krb5_err.h>
-#elif defined(HAVE_GSSAPI_GSSAPI_H)
-# include <gssapi/gssapi.h>
- /* if we have gssapi/gssapi.h it might be safe to assume we have the
-  * other two that are part of MIT's krb5 as well, but this will work
-  * even if they one day do away with one of those two header files.
-  */
-# if defined(HAVE_GSSAPI_GSSAPI_KRB5_H)
-#   include <gssapi/gssapi_krb5.h>
-# endif
-# error "Need gssapi.h from either Heimdal or MIT krb5"
+#include <gssapi/gssapi.h>
+#include <gssapi/gssapi_krb5.h>

Once that's taken care of, there's an issue with some newfangled  
password routine checking a non-existent macro and as a result trying  
to use the non-existent termio.h.  This patch handles that (and I  
submitted a bug upstream):

--- src/input.c.orig	2005-10-05 15:31:25.000000000 -0400
+++ src/input.c	2007-11-07 21:59:37.000000000 -0500
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
#if 0
char *getpass_hook(const char *prompt)
-#ifdef KERBEROS
	char tmp[80];
	des_read_pw_string(tmp, sizeof(tmp), (char *)prompt, 0);
	tmp[79] = 0;
@@ -74,13 +74,15 @@

/* this compiles ok now, fixes ctrl+c and doesn't use obsolete  
getpass() */

# include <fcntl.h>
# include <sys/ioctl.h>
# include <termio.h>

char *getpass_hook(const char *prompt)
-#ifdef KERBEROS
	char tmp[80];
	des_read_pw_string(tmp, sizeof(tmp), (char *)prompt,

I don't really know how to roll this all up into a portfile to test  
it, but it's compiling for me manually now.

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