vim +python seems to use /usr/bin/python

Mark James Adams mark.james.lists at
Sat Nov 10 04:20:02 PST 2007

> > Does anyone know of how to tell vim, at compile time or otherwise, to
> > use the macports install of python?
> Did you use python_select to get a python binary pointing to the version
> you want to use?

Thanks for the suggestion. I installed python_select, told it to use
python24, and rebuilt vim +python, but that didn't seem to help.

'which vim' has always returned /opt/local/bin/vim, but I don't think
it matters because vim's python module links to python at compile
time. Vim has a configuration option --with-python-config-dir, so I
tried adding


under configure.args in the vim portfile. Uninstalling, cleaning, and
re-building vim still doesn't seem to be selecting the macports
install of python. The way I check is by typing something in vim like

:python import simplejson

since I've installed simplejson under macports python but not under OS
X's python.

Any further thoughts?


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