-R upgrade

Kendall Shaw queshaw at pacbell.net
Sat Nov 10 12:40:49 PST 2007

I used port -R upgrade sqlite3, to upgrade from 3.5.1_0 to 3.5.2_0,  
and it says at the end:

---> Deactivating sqlite3 3.5.1_0
Error: Deactivating sqlite3 3.5.1_0 failed: Active version of sqlite3  
is not 3.5.1_0 but 3.5.2_0.

Isn't that a bug?

I then used port -f uninstall sqlite3 @3.5.1_0 and now port outdated  
shows no outdated ports.

I didn't check but I think after the error if I had tried to uninstall  
without -f it would complain that things depend on 3.5.1_0 and would  
say the same about 3.5.2_0, is that a bug? That is what happened when  
I upgraded gettext.

I used -R because I thought I would have to rebuild everything that  
depends on the upgraded port. Is -R supposed to do that?


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