X11 focus follow mouse with gimp

Yves de Champlain yves at macports.org
Sun Nov 11 06:51:22 PST 2007

Le 07-11-10 à 10:48, Adam Mercer a écrit :

> On 10/11/2007, Rémi Thébault <remi.thebault at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks to Yves, the Gimp is now installed but the focus don't follow
>> the mouse.
>> I've installed the "Turn on X11 Focus follows mouse" supplied with
>> Gimp.app but it quits right after being launched and has no effect.
>> more embarrassing, the Gimp crashes, when I brush (it paints a little
>> bit and then crashes).
> Are you running Leopard by any chance? If so then Leopards libX11 has
> a bug which causes gimp (and any other gtk app) to crash. Ben Byer,
> Apple's X11 maintainer has a fixed libX11 and Xquartz at
> http://www.x.org/wiki/XDarwin

Nice to know

As for the focus, I use this shell command :

defaults write com.apple.x11 wm_ffm 1

Whichs means something like Apple's X11.app window manager's focus  
follow mouse


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