Macports and http proxy

Lutz Mader lutz_mader at
Sun Nov 11 07:45:12 PST 2007

Hi I got the same problem,
but I use the following script to set some environment variables and 
everything works well, for me.

# wget proxy settings
setenv http_proxy "";
setenv https_proxy "";
setenv ftp_proxy "";
setenv no_proxy ",";
setenv RSYNC_PROXY "";
#setenv FTPMODE "gate";
#setenv FTPSERVER "";
# curl proxy settings
setenv HTTPS_PROXY "";
setenv FTP_PROXY "";
/bin/tcsh is the proxy I used, this must be changed to a 
appropriate value.
I don't know what's going on, but sometimes ..._PROXY or ..._proxy is 
used, also I set both all the time.

By, Lutz

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