Error installing Gimp-Gap

Yves de Champlain yves at
Mon Nov 12 05:23:42 PST 2007

Le 07-11-12 à 00:52, Ryan Schmidt a écrit :

> gimp-gap has far too many dependencies that I haven't installed  
> yet, so I'm not going to try it myself, but you should probably  
> file a bug report ticket in Trac. Instructions are here:
> On Nov 11, 2007, at 16:08, Francis Ovenden wrote:
>> I have been trying to install Gimp-gap on an iMac (2GHz Intel Core  
>> 2 Duo, 1GB RAM) fairly unsuccessfully! I originally installed  
>> Xcode tools from the OS X 10.4 CD but went back and downloaded  
>> v2.5 from Apple, removed Macports and re-installed 1.52 including  
>> selfupdate. I was able to install and run Gimp 2.4 but Gimp-gap  
>> has consistently failed compiling msmpeg4. Anyone else come across  
>> this or know what is wrong?


>> msmpeg4.c:727: error: can't find a register in class 'BREG' while  
>> reloading 'asm'
>> {standard input}:15149:non-relocatable subtraction expression,  
>> "_msmpeg4v34_decode_mb" minus "L00000000003$pb"
>> {standard input}:15149:symbol: "_msmpeg4v34_decode_mb" can't be  
>> undefined in a subtraction expression
>> {standard input}:15132:non-relocatable subtraction expression,  
>> "_msmpeg4v12_decode_mb" minus "L00000000003$pb"
>> {standard input}:15132:symbol: "_msmpeg4v12_decode_mb" can't be  
>> undefined in a subtraction expression
>> {standard input}:15114:non-relocatable subtraction expression,  
>> "_wmv2_decode_mb" minus "L00000000003$pb"
>> {standard input}:15114:symbol: "_wmv2_decode_mb" can't be  
>> undefined in a subtraction expression

crash in the assembler makes me think of a bug with the compiler.

there is a similar problem with gimp-lqr-plugin on 10.5, can you try  
it to see if the same thing happen with 10.4 ?



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