gimp-lqr-plugin make error

Yves de Champlain yves at
Mon Nov 12 11:05:29 PST 2007

Le 07-11-12 à 13:44, David Orriss Jr a écrit :

> Wait.. you guys have GIMP building?   The 2.4.1 version?
> Tell me more.. I'm dyin' over here!  :|

There are many ways to install the gimp.

1- "port install gimp" is the full fledge batteries included meta  
port with extras
2- "port install gimp2" is the gimp with no extra but with most  
options enabled (no dbus)
3- "port install gimp2 +without_gnome" makes a lot less dependencies,  
but no html viewer or svg support
4- "port install gimp2 +no_python" removes python scripts and filters
5- "port install gimp2 +without_gnome +no_python" is both

Once you have gimp2 installed, all the stuff provided in the gimp  
meta port can be installed one by one as needed.

I'm on 10.4 PPC and have the full gimp 2.4.1 with GAP installed with  
no fuss.  I am aware that some issues are emerging either from Xcode  
3.0 or Xcode 2.5 / intel


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