Macports on Xserve OSX server

Edward Ned Harvey edward.harvey at
Thu Nov 15 11:26:58 PST 2007

Hey, this might be a dumb question, but I don¹t see it readily in the wiki
or on the website or whatnot...

I want to install macports on an OS X server (10.4 Tiger), but am having
some difficulty.  

I installed the Xcode Tools, using default selections, and then installed
macports.  I then tried port selfupdate, and it complained about Library not
loaded (I can give details if needed.)  So I consulted the website...

The website says to install Xcode Tools, and go into options, and include
X11.  But X11 is grayed out so I can¹t.

And now I¹m in the situation where I don¹t know what to do next.  Any

Again, if this isn¹t something obvious, I can include details of error
messages, etc.  I just thought I¹d keep it stupid for the moment, and see if
someone can tell me something obvious.

Thanks for your help.
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