libcdio should be patched for 10.4 and 10.5

Ulion ulion2002 at
Sat Nov 17 08:43:59 PST 2007


Check the configure script file:
case $host_os in
       ## Don't use AIX driver until starts to really work
       ## cd_drivers="${cd_drivers}, AIX"
       ## AC_DEFINE([HAVE_AIX_CDROM], [1],
       ##     [Define 1 if you have AIX CD-ROM support])

for ac_header in IOKit/IOKitLib.h CoreFoundation/CFBase.h
it only support up to darwin7 to use IOKits, Indeed, on 10.5
(darwin9), the IOKits works fine after I change the line to:

Without this change, the libcdio will miss the osx driver in the
library, and will always fail when calling cdio_open

On newest CVS of libcdio, it support to darwin8, but darwin9 is still
missing, please consider update or patch libcdio.


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