Need help getting Firewalk to compile.

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Nov 17 15:23:15 PST 2007

On Nov 17, 2007, at 10:03, Endahl, John wrote:

> Can anyone help me install Mark Shiffman's Firewalk?
> There doesn't seem to be any ports available through Fink or  
> MacPorts and nothing seems to come googling it.
> I've copied over the config.guess and config.sub files and tried to  
> compile it. Installed libnet11 using MacPorts. One of my co-workers  
> added it to the path and he got the configure to work but the Make  
> step throws all kinds of errors.

This list is not for general help installing software on a Mac. It's  
for help installing software using MacPorts. If no portfile exists,  
you can do several things. One, you can figure out how to install the  
software, write a portfile for it, and submit it in our Trac system  
so that it can be incorporated into MacPorts. Or, you can just submit  
a ticket in Trac requesting that someone write a portfile for it. But  
portfiles only get written when someone cares about the software in  
question, and since there is no port for it yet, that means no  
MacPorts contributor has thus far cared about this software. Also, if  
you're already having trouble installing the software outside of  
MacPorts, then that does not bode well for making a portfile. You  
should get those issues resolved first. You may need to begin a  
dialog with the authors of the software to figure out how to install  
it. Once you figure that out, work can begin on a portfile.

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