Installing python25 on OS X 10.3 failed

Weissmann Markus mww at
Mon Nov 19 12:02:57 PST 2007

Hi ebgssth at,

10.3 is not officially supported anymore*) and I do not even have  
access to a 10.3 box.
I'll happily add any patch for 10.3 that does not conflict with 10.4  
or 10.5 but I don't have a way of testing it.


*) which doesn't mean anyone will break stuff on purpose

On 17.11.2007, at 11:58, js wrote:

> Created trac ticket for this.
> Nox, Changeset 29606 seems to have something to do
> with this problem.
> But I'm not sure why above changes make python build fails.
> Could you give me a hand to solve this, please?

Markus W. Weissmann

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