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paul beard paulbeard at
Thu Nov 22 12:43:18 PST 2007

Does anyone have any experience with the gcc 3.3-fast compiler? it's listed
as an option on my system but gcc_select says it doesn't really exist. And
how do I use the compilers that MacPorts builds, if I ever had a need?
gcc33                          @3.3.6          lang/gcc33
gcc34                          @3.4.6          lang/gcc34
gcc40                          @4.0.4          lang/gcc40
gcc41                          @4.1.2          lang/gcc41
gcc42                          @4.2.2          lang/gcc42
gcc43                          @4.3-20071116   lang/gcc43

And does gcc_select override what's in the Portfile? For instance, python
2.5 is balking with gcc 4 (the default) but builds with gcc 3.3. I made the
change explicit in the Portfile. Could I have saved that step?

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