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On 11/22/07, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> gcc_select should probably "never" be used. The system ships with a
> default compiler (gcc 3.3 on Panther, gcc 4.0 on Tiger and Leopard)
> and that should probably "never" be changed. Software that needs a
> different compiler should specify that explicitly.
> Users who had used gcc_select to select a different compiler used to
> experience all sorts of weird breakage with some MacPorts software.
> Recently (1.5.2?), MacPorts was changed so that it doesn't matter
> what the user has selected with gcc_select; MacPorts will use gcc 3.3
> on Panther and 4.0 on Tiger and Leopard unless the portfile specifies
> something different using configure.compiler. This is a good thing.
> Apple's gcc 3.3 only builds PowerPC binaries, so it's not suitable
> for use on Intel Macs.

Is the gcc_select in MacPorts any better?

 gcc_select                     @0.1            sysutils/gcc_select

gcc_select 0.1, sysutils/gcc_select (Variants: universal, darwin_7,
darwin_8_ppc, darwin_8_i386)

gcc_select lets you switch the default compiler. It symlinks the standard
compiler executables in the MacPorts prefix to the selected version.

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