problem installing gimp on 10.3

William Davis frstan at
Wed Nov 28 16:33:16 PST 2007

On Nov 28, 2007, at 6:58 PM, Tony Tambasco wrote:

> I'm trying to install gimp2 using macports (os 10.3).
> I keep getting a loop of errors, but I think I've got
> it tracked down to this:
> Requested variant powerpc is not provided by port
> gimp2.
>> From what I gather, that means that the port isn't
> available, am I mistaken?
> I've tried it with sudo port install gimp and get
> similar results. Does this mean I'll have to use the
> 1.2 version I got working with fink?
> Thanks,
> Tony

Tony, "Requested variant is not provided..." is not an error. It just  
means that particular port doesnt have that (default) variant which  
port trys to install if it is available.  The "loop of errors" you are  
seeing is just port working through the chains of dependancies and  
dependencies of dependecies.  gimp is a very complex installation with  
many many dependencies. It will take many hours to install -- days if  
you have a slow machine.  Just let it run ......

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